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Protects your cargo across the country, around the clock.

Carrier understands the complexity of the rail business. Unattended service demands exceptional reliability and dependability. The premier X4 Rail Edition is specially built to handle the severe duty that intermodal and rail applications demand.


Higher Capacity

Up to 66,000 BTU of cooling at AHRI rating conditions – while providing faster pulldown, precise temperature control and peace of mind for the most demanding applications.

Engineered for Durability

Tested to withstand severe shock and vibration, these units are “tough as rails.”

Compliance Plus

The unit provides compliance with 2013 EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations, while also improving operational efficiencies and performance.

RailCare™ Warranty

Includes travel time and repair set-up for on-site assistance.

Nationwide Support Network

More than 190 strategically located dealers with experience and expertise are available to provide safe, reliable service wherever needed.


Condenser Dimensions

76.4″ x 85.7″ x 22.8″
(1,940 x 2,176 x 579 mm)

Evaporator Dimensions

66.3″ x 45.2″ x 8.2″
(1,684 x 1,149 x 280 mm)

Body Opening

66.8″ x 46.0″
(1,696 x 1,168 mm)

Approximate Weight

1,685 lb. (765 kg)
Remote 50-gallon aluminum fuel tank with mounting brackets: 65 lb. (29 kg)
Battery: 50 lb. (23 kg)

Cooling Capacity

Ambient at 100°F (38°C)
Speed: 1,800 rpm diesel

Evaporator Airflow

Applied system performance:
3,050 cfm (5,180 m3 /hr)

X4 7300R Evaporator Return Air Temp./
High Speed Diesel Operation

35°F (2°C)/ 66,000 Btuh, 19,345 Watts

0°F (-18°C)/ 35,000 Btuh, 10,260 Watts

-20°F (-29°C)/ 23,000 Btuh, 6,740 Watts

X4 7500R Evaporator Return Air Temp./
High Speed Diesel Operation

35°F (2°C)/ 68,000 Btuh, 19,930 Watts

0°F (-18°C)/ 37,000 Btuh, 10,845 Watts

-20°F (-29°C)/ 25,000 Btuh, 7,330 Watts