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Multiple cargoes, multiple temperatures, multiple stops. Supra 950MT is the single unit that can deliver.

Supra 950MT is the ideal solution for multi-temperature vehicles that demand high capacity, high airflow, and fast recovery after frequent deliveries.


Heavy-duty, high-displacement engine and compressor run slower for longer life and lower operating costs.

SlimLine™ evaporators offer loading configurations for optimized protection.

Superior cooling capacity and airflow offer faster temperature recoveries when delivery routes require frequent door openings.

Carrier Transicold’s electric heat design produces instant heat and faster defrosts.

Exclusive dual-discharge evaporator design offers complete loading flexibility.

Maintenance-saving Extended Service Interval (ESI™) oil system with a 1,500-hour service period.


Condenser Dimensions

78.5″ x 37.0″ x 27.5″
(1,995 x 940 x 699 mm)

Approximate Weight

1,150 lb (521 kg) with standby

Cooling/Temperature Capacity

Ambient at 100°F (38°C)
Speed: 2,300 rpm diesel/60-hertz electric operation

Evaporator Return Air Temp./
Diesel Operation

35°F (2°C)/
33,000 BTU/hr, 9,670 Watts

0°F (-18°C)/
20,500 BTU/hr, 6,010 Watts

-20°F (-29°C)/
12,500 BTU/hr, 3,665 Watts

Evaporator Return Air Temp./
Standby Operation

35°F (2°C)/
30,000 BTU/hr, 8,795 Watts

0°F (-18°C)/
19,500 BTU/hr, 5,715 Watts

-20°F (-29°C)/
11,000 BTU/hr, 3,225 Watts

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