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SUPRA 760. Proven, all-around performance for medium-sized trucks.

  • Offers proven reliability, with millions of operating hours under the most demanding conditions.
  • Refrigeration capacities up to 20,000 BTU under AHRI rating conditions.


The industry standard for reliability helps ensure low overall cost of operation.

Exceptional capacity and air flow mean dependability and multiple application flexibility.

The sleek design is damage-resistant.

Powerful CAB COMMAND™ in-cab control.

Optional electric standby system optimized for high cooling capacity.

High-performance, maintenance-free integrated fan/motor assemblies with an expected 10,000+ hour motor life.

Maintenance-saving Extended Service Interval (ESI™) oil system with a 1,500-hour service period.

Drive and electric system enhancements for better performance and reliability.


Condenser Dimensions

71.7″ x 33.7″ x 24.7″
(1,823 x 856 x 629 mm)

Evaporator Dimensions

48.2″ x 24.9″ x 11.1″
(1,225 x 632 x 283 mm)

Body Opening

49.0″ x 12.2″
(1,245 x 310 mm)

Approximate Weight

TDB-19: 933 lb (423 kg) without standby
TDS-19: 978 lb (444 kg) with standby

Cooling/Temperature Capacity

Ambient at 100°F (38°C)
Speed: 2,400 rpm diesel/60-hertz electric operation

Evaporator Return Air Temp./
Diesel Operation

35°F (2°C)/
20,000 BTU/hr, 5,860 Watts

0°F (-18°C)/
12,000 BTU/hr, 3,520 Watts

-20°F (-29°C)/
7,500 BTU/hr, 2,200 Watts

Evaporator Return Air Temp./
Standby Operation

35°F (2°C)/
18,000 BTU/hr, 5,275 Watts

0°F (-18°C)/
11,000 BTU/hr, 3,225 Watts

-20°F (-29°C)/
7,000 BTU/hr, 2,055 Watts

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