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Carrier Transicold's industry-leading solutions for truck, trailer, rail and intermodal refrigeration.

Single Temperature Trailer

X4 7300 and 7500

Exceptional temperature control with a new dimension in performance and efficiency.

Vector 8500

Unmatched reliability, efficiency and value. The Vector 8500. Simply first. Simply better.

X4 Rail Edition

Protects your cargo across the country, around the clock. The X4 7300R and 7500R.

Multiple Temperature Trailer

Vector 8600MT

Improve operational efficiencies and your bottom line with all-electric multi-temperature capability.

Trailer Stationary Storage

Vector 8100

With no diesel engine, there’s no diesel emissions, no engine noise and no fuel consumption from our next-generation cold storage solution.

Diesel Powered Truck

Supra 560

A breakthrough in performance and reliability for small to medium-sized trucks.

Supra 660

Superior reliability and temperature control for medium-sized trucks.

Supra 760

Proven, all-around performance for medium-sized trucks.

Supra 860

Superior refrigeration performance for large trucks.

Supra 960

High-powered refrigeration performance for the largest trucks.

Supra 950MT

Multiple cargoes, multiple temperatures, multiple stops.

Direct Drive Truck

Neos 100S

Superior reliability and temperature control for small delivery vehicles.


Value-packed performance and reliability for small delivery vehicles.


The industry standard for reliable, cost-effective temperature control.


Total flexibility, unmatched performance and premium reliability.


Proven reliability and total versatility in temperature control.


Extraordinary performance, exceptional reliability, excellent value.

Auxiliary Power Units


Carrier Comfort Pro. The Industry Benchmark for a Fully Featured APU.

Trailer Heating Unit


Engineered for maximum heating capacity in extremely cold climates.